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Android Apps July 2019

Here is the list of few latest apps which we recommend you to use:

In a nutshell, the app is a great alternative to the usual swipe down notification shade this gives you full control of the styles of your toggles your notifications quick settings shortcuts and more.The app is very well put together it works great and it’s an awesome solution for having to reach the top of your phone if you want to access the notification shade.

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Google Ranking Algorithms

Get your website or web pages on a higher rank in google results.Here are a few of google’s algorithms which you can study in order to enhance your position in search results:

Google Penguin’s objective is to down-rank sites whose links it deems manipulative. Since late 2016, Penguin has been part of Google’s core algorithm; unlike Panda, it works in real time.Monitor your link profile’s growth and run regular audits with a backlink checker like SEO SpyGlass. In the tool’s Summary dashboard, you’ll find a progress graph for your link profile’s growth. Look out for any unusual spikes: those are reason enough to look into the backlinks you’ve unexpectedly gained.

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Best Disk Cloning Software for Windows

Deamon Tools Pro 8

This is a full-pledged hard disk management software, as it not only allows you to clone your hard drive, but also offers a wide-range of disk-related features. With Deamon Tools Pro 8, you can seamlessly clone your hard drive with just a couple of clicks. Furthermore, you can also create and burn virtual drives for various purposes, you may need for.


Steps to secure your android phone from hackers.

Never Install Unofficial Apps: Regardless of whether it’s Android, iOS, or any other platform you’re using, it’s not advisable to install unofficial apps. But, Android users tend to do it, at alarming rates. Well, if you don’t know what an unofficial app is, basically, every app download from any source other than Play Store, is an unofficial application. Usually, such apps carry harmful elements with them, such as, malware, ransomware, and many others, which are then used by hackers to exploit your device.

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Top Keyboard Apps For Android 2019

1) Swiftkey

The top on our list is Swiftkey! A popular with the masses, this app has more than 100 Million downloads! User friendly and with an easy to use interface, this application even offers 300+language options. Ruling the roost, this application is the only one that gives tough competition to Gboard. The user can develop quite a huge customized dictionary with it. This allows one to have an ease of typing. The application also has multiple emojis, stickers and GIFs for easy communication. One of the best thing about this application is that it allows one to swipe or type depending on their mood.

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Microsoft VS code now on Linux

Once upon a time Windows was Windows, Linux was Linux, and never the twain shall meet. Things have changed. In the most recent example, Microsoft and Canonical, Ubuntu Linux’s parent company, have now made Visual Studio Code (VS Code) available to Linux users via its snap software deployment and package management system.


E-commerce policy Update

Amazon and Walmart ’s grand plans for India were thrown into chaos on Friday after the country implemented new e-commerce regulations, which could cut their growth in the market by as much as half this year.


4 new UI changes in android pie

New Visuals
Number one is the new visuals and there’s just a couple smaller things it’s just a general look and feel of a few tweaks you might no  even notice them if I didn’t point them out but first of all the clock is over to the left corner now it used to be on the right and still it changes color if you have a dark wallpaper it’ll be a light clock if you have a light wallpaper it’ll be dark and that’s also along with all the buttons on the bottom the date and the weather.

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Essential Free Plugins for WordPress Multi-site

While it doesn’t have a large user base, Broadcast is one of those plugins that offers something really useful: The ability to share content across multiple sites on the same network. This is perfect, say, for a retail store that has a site for each one of its physical locations. Plus, there are a ton of commercial add-ons that offer compatibility with popular plugins, along with other desirable functionality.

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Sublime Text 3.2 New Features

Sublime Text has always been the super fast editor and still to this day, I feel it’s faster than my current favorite VS Code.You may be wondering who still uses Sublime Text? I have found there to be a solid group of quality devs that still love and use Sublime Text daily.It’s a solid workhorse, super fast, highly extensible, and can provide many of the same features VS Code does like autocomplete and now Git integration. Shout out in the comments if you’re a Sublime Text user!