4 new UI changes in android pie

New Visuals
Number one is the new visuals and there’s just a couple smaller things it’s just a general look and feel of a few tweaks you might no  even notice them if I didn’t point them out but first of all the clock is over to the left corner now it used to be on the right and still it changes color if you have a dark wallpaper it’ll be a light clock if you have a light wallpaper it’ll be dark and that’s also along with all the buttons on the bottom the date and the weather.

Quick settings
Number two is the quick settings and this is one of those things in Android that they always seem to tweak and like every new version.They can’t really make up their mind on how they want it to look so they’ve changed it again here so they have these circles for everything and the new blue and white look that’s also new with the color and now if you have enough quick settings it’s this vertically scrolling list now instead of a left-to-right paginate.

New volume controls
This is definitely my favorite change so far so  first of all pressing the volume buttons adjusts the media volume by default so that’s pretty sweet and you can see here it’s in this bar over at the side now,it’s out of the way instead of that huge thing across the top it goes up and down instead of left to right so now it matches the volume button on the phone which is cool .Then there’s this button at the bottom to switch between ringer modes so vibrate or silent or volume.

New Settings app
Ih Android P they got some color in there all the the icons are big round colorful circles on the side. It’s not too cartoonish ,every icon is a different color but then you get into the actual settings menus and they look the same as they were before so it’s pretty clean and then up top again you’ll notice the Settings search bar is rounded on the edges.