Steps to secure your android phone from hackers.

Never Install Unofficial Apps: Regardless of whether it’s Android, iOS, or any other platform you’re using, it’s not advisable to install unofficial apps. But, Android users tend to do it, at alarming rates. Well, if you don’t know what an unofficial app is, basically, every app download from any source other than Play Store, is an unofficial application. Usually, such apps carry harmful elements with them, such as, malware, ransomware, and many others, which are then used by hackers to exploit your device.

Clear Junk Files Regularly: For every app usage session, the application stores several logs and related files on your device. In general terms, they are referred to as junk files. Temporarily, they’re completely alright. But, the problem arises when they’re being stored for longer periods of time. These files also cause problems to your privacy as well. Hackers can easily use them against you, as these files contain important information about your device and the apps in it. Use a good cleaner app to get rid of these junk files.

Update Your Phone Regularly: Pretty much everyone knows that it’s important to update their device consistently, but not many people put it into practice. Most people neglect the aspect of updating their device, but it’s highly suggested that you shouldn’t among such people. Usually, updates carry important features, bug fixes, and security patches. The security patches contain essential security features that combat any type of cyber threats. So, updating your Android will definitely enhance the security system.

Install a Security App: Why worry all by yourself, when you can let a tool do the work for you?! There are numerous security mobile apps that offer a wide variety of features, which protect your device and data from hackers. Simply put, download an anti-virus app that not only secures your device from virus attacks, but also from different other cyber threats. Usually, hackers hijack your phone by first deploying a malicious file. A good anti-virus app would be able to detect such files and instantly block them from doing any further damage.

Two-factor Authentication: If you’re still thinking “how to protect my phone from hackers”, try implementing two-factor authentication, which is also shortly known as 2FA. This feature is extremely helpful, even if a hacker gets hold of your password. 2FA provides two security layers for any access.