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Android Apps July 2019

Here is the list of few latest apps which we recommend you to use:

In a nutshell, the app is a great alternative to the usual swipe down notification shade this gives you full control of the styles of your toggles your notifications quick settings shortcuts and more.The app is very well put together it works great and it’s an awesome solution for having to reach the top of your phone if you want to access the notification shade.

Thoughts is one of the cleanest and most simple note-taking apps you’ll find. The app name is pretty self-explanatory,if you’ve got something on your mind you want to keep track of jot it down here you can of course use it for whatever you want .Like making lists you can use it as a journal anything really and to tie everything together.The app comes with an eye comforting dark mode and it’s completely ad free it’s definitely worth a look.

3. Daily UI
Daily UI comes with a little over 200 different widgets.They’re all very nicely put together and
laid out they are clean and simple and there’s something in here for everyone. There are tons of different looks and styles but they all stick to an eye-pleasing and minimal approach this is a must-have.

If you love wallpapers you will definitely love this.This
app it’s brought to us by the awesome developer that brought us apps like
AMOLED walls wall hub the Linux round icon pack 1 UI compacts.
Wall Bank boasts around 4,000 unique and exclusive wallpapers in crisp 2560 *1440 resolution.Wall bank holds all of the wallpapers you see in
AMOLED walls and wall hubs so it’s a really convenient way to get your hands
on everything those two have to offer.