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Best Disk Cloning Software for Windows

Deamon Tools Pro 8

This is a full-pledged hard disk management software, as it not only allows you to clone your hard drive, but also offers a wide-range of disk-related features. With Deamon Tools Pro 8, you can seamlessly clone your hard drive with just a couple of clicks. Furthermore, you can also create and burn virtual drives for various purposes, you may need for.

DriveImage XML

For someone who’s looking out for a disk cloning software for windows, which is lightweight and simply to use, DriveImage XML is the way to go. This disk cloning software implements the reliable Microsoft Volume Shadow framework to generate of hard drives without the need of restarting the computer. Furthermore, DriveImage XML is very efficient and effective at cloning hard drives seamlessly. This disk cloning software also enables an user to perform individual disk partition cloning as well.

EaseUS Todo Backup

This disk imaging software is easily one of the best for its amazing features that can help you to clone hard disk windows. The EaseUS Todo Backup disk cloning software is packed with a special feature, which is called Sector to Sector. With this feature, one can simply be able to clone all the files to a new hard drive. This hard disk cloning software is extremely easy to use; you can simply complete the process at the comfort of a few clicks.

Paragon Hard Disk Manager

One of the highly user-friendly disk cloning softwares, Paragon Hard Disk Manager is offers a wide range of hard disk management features, among which disk cloning is one. You can easily clone your hard drive with Paragon Hard Disk Manager with its straight-to-the-point user interface and program framework. Along with disk cloning, Paragon Hard Disk Manager also offers several other related features such as Disk Cleanup, Recovery Media Builder, Automated Backup, Data Migration, and many more.