Social Engineering

There is no denying that the internet has become an amazing extension of our world. However, with such new advances that have taken place recently, people can now do more good, or bad, than ever before. Unfortunately, there are people who have chosen to do harm and they are quickly learning how to take over companies through using the internet. These Social Hackers are different from your average hacker. While average hackers tend to take over company information through malware, these hackers are intent on using their charm and investigation skills in order to get company information from employees. These techniques are all part of a bigger company attack that is known as SOCIAL ENGINEERING.

Product Development

Stages of Product Development

The Stages of Product Development and Testing
To stay competitive, technology businesses must continually evolve and advance their technology by developing new products and launching tried-and-true products into the international marketplace. Companies cycle through a series of steps to refine and advance their products and launch them into the marketplace. The innovations that result in new products usually have their roots in research and follow a path from an idea, through proof of concept, into prototype creation, to testing and demonstration all the way to advanced manufacturing and market introduction.

Apps iOS

iOS Apps 2019

This is the year 2019 and I’ve brought you 5 best IOS apps for early 2019. Let us see how the Best mobile app development company are doing. So without any further wait let’s get started.


Android Apps 2019

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to 2019.Here are 5 Android apps that you should check out to get the year started off with addition of great features to your android devices. Let us see how much efforts are put by the ones who claim to be the Best mobile app development company.

Computer Science Software Engineering

CS vs SE

I have done an investigative research on the difference between software engineering and computer science so if you are interested please go through this blog.

Some programs in American and Canadian universities have both software engineering and computer science degree. I wondered like what’s the difference so I thought why would I investigate what the difference is if there is any and share my research journey with you.