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Best Disk Cloning Software for Windows

Deamon Tools Pro 8

This is a full-pledged hard disk management software, as it not only allows you to clone your hard drive, but also offers a wide-range of disk-related features. With Deamon Tools Pro 8, you can seamlessly clone your hard drive with just a couple of clicks. Furthermore, you can also create and burn virtual drives for various purposes, you may need for.

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Top Keyboard Apps For Android 2019

1) Swiftkey

The top on our list is Swiftkey! A popular with the masses, this app has more than 100 Million downloads! User friendly and with an easy to use interface, this application even offers 300+language options. Ruling the roost, this application is the only one that gives tough competition to Gboard. The user can develop quite a huge customized dictionary with it. This allows one to have an ease of typing. The application also has multiple emojis, stickers and GIFs for easy communication. One of the best thing about this application is that it allows one to swipe or type depending on their mood.

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Microsoft VS code now on Linux

Once upon a time Windows was Windows, Linux was Linux, and never the twain shall meet. Things have changed. In the most recent example, Microsoft and Canonical, Ubuntu Linux’s parent company, have now made Visual Studio Code (VS Code) available to Linux users via its snap software deployment and package management system.

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CS vs SE

I have done an investigative research on the difference between software engineering and computer science so if you are interested please go through this blog.

Some programs in American and Canadian universities have both software engineering and computer science degree. I wondered like what’s the difference so I thought why would I investigate what the difference is if there is any and share my research journey with you.