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CS vs SE

I have done an investigative research on the difference between software engineering and computer science so if you are interested please go through this blog.

Some programs in American and Canadian universities have both software engineering and computer science degree. I wondered like what’s the difference so I thought why would I investigate what the difference is if there is any and share my research journey with you.

According to Wikipedia computer science is the theory experimentation and engineering that form the basis of the design and use of computers ,whereas software engineering is the application of engineering to the department of software in a systematic method like the
Software company in Ahmedabad do. So it looks like the definition of computer science really emphasizes the theory while the definition of software engineering really emphasizes the application.
First of all in school their different majors sometimes, but it really depends on the curriculum of the school. I think the dictionary definition would be that a software engineer is more based on the practical application of software which you know, includes some computer science fundamentals and a computer scientists would be more theoretical based on the like theory of computer science. But when it comes to industry like a computer scientist is scientist who’s doing research often in academia working at a university, like a research university where I went to school Georgia Tech has a big research function and there’s a lot of people doing computer science research. There and then there’s software engineering which is just like making stuff that you’re like Google and Facebook in the world.

There is a difference but only much later on in your career what you study in undergrad computer science versus software engineering isn’t ultimately going to make a difference .The type of jobs you can get at a software company in Ahmedabad, because I’ve never met a recruiter that differentiates between those two things because they vary so widely between different schools I also asked more friends to see what they think on the matter. I don’t think there’s a difference anymore.

I think that there used to be a difference in University you could spend more time in computer science driving into a particular area, whereas software engineering it was a little bit more structured and you had a little bit less choice in terms of which electives you could take in terms of jobs which you get afterwards it’s all pretty much all the same.

I feel like the most important thing for software engineering is experience though like it’s something you just kind of have to do it and you have to work on projects, you have to build things to kind of really understand it. The first thing that sticks out to me is the science versus the engineering where science is more about knowledge versus engineering is the applying that knowledge to make something happen in the real world.