Android Apps 2019

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to 2019.Here are 5 Android apps that you should check out to get the year started off with addition of great features to your android devices. Let us see how much efforts are put by the ones who claim to be the Best mobile app development company.

The first best app of 2019 is MNl screen recorder. You know there aren’t that many great screen recorder apps for Android nowadays. A lot of them have ads or are a bit outdated so it’s kind of a relief to finally find one that is simple easy to use and record some the best resolution possible, It doesn’t even have ads which should be a plus for a lot of people a very straightforward app that gets the job done.

I’ve had a lot of horrible navigation bar implementations in the past but fluid navigation gesture just isn’t one of them .It’s bubbly animations really brings something unique to the table and it gives you a bit more screen real estate one, compared to the regular gesture navigation bar. Swiping up from the centre will jump the phone to the home screen. Swiping and holding will bring up my recent page swiping from the left will go back and swiping on the right will bring down the notifications panel. But I can configure the app to launch whatever tasks I’d like with whatever gesture I do including an action an app or a shortcut, just keep in mind that you will need to use ADB or have root access to hide your stock navigation bar .

Play j is a great way to stream your screen with your friends and video chat with them at the same time. The idea is simple just make sure your friend also has the app add them by texting them a request, select the app you like to show off and then choose the chat style and hit launch. Once your friend answers the call he or she will be able to see your screen where you can show them your amazing Angry Bird skills or have them help you with a problem that you’re having with your phone.

We all know that bones displays are getting bigger each year and these devices are getting harder to use with just one hand reaching the top part of the screen requires repositioning your hands, so you can tap or swipe a single object so here’s a solution try out reach ability cursor. When swiping from either side of the screen you can pull up a digital d-pad to control the top part of your phone with a cursor ,drag it around to move the cursor and tap on it to click it. The d-pad then disappears when you tap away from it or after a few seconds of inactivity.It’s perfect for tapping on those Instagram stories or the address bar in Google Chrome.

another great app that can help you with one-handed use is bottom quick settings.All this does is move your quick settings panel down to the bottom, and you can still toggle settings like Wi-Fi Bluetooth Flash etc. Sure there are a few settings which require root access to toggle instantly but everything still works really well.

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