Top 4 Programming Languages

Today I will be talking about the top 4 programming languages to learn in 2019 and my list is based on three factors the popularity of the language the tendency for it to become really valuable and popular in the future and in 2019 in particular and the salary numbers for the particular programming language .

JavaScript is a language that a lot of people have a love-hate relationship with however JavaScript is so evolving and it develops so quickly they always release new versions that actually JavaScript today is very different from JavaScript that you might have used learned seen a couple of years ago it’s much better now it has much better paradigms and if you are looking to become a web developer nowadays you pretty much cannot do without job actually one thing that a co-founder of Stack Overflow Jeff Atwood once said is that any application that can be written in JavaScript will eventually be written in JavaScript.

Python and of course what kind of programming language list goes without Python nowadays since 1991 when Python was developed by a Dutch developer Judo Van Rossum, Python has been gained in extreme attention and popularity and fun facts judo now works at Dropbox mostly writing Python. Python can accommodate any kind of needs really especially now with the hot technologies like machine learning data analyst artificial intelligence all of these technologies can be supported and written in Python so python has a ton of applications and even if you are a web developer Python has really great frameworks like Django that you can use for web development .

GO Lang GO was released in 2012 by engineers working at Google and they literally made a list of things that they didn’t like about languages they’ve worked with before and decided to develop their own language to address these problems and so it was literally built by engineers for engineers and to name up you besides Google companies like Adobe,Dell ,Facebook use go in their software I would go as number three because one it has been increasing a ton in popularity according to the Stack Overflow 2018 survey go actually also boasts to be the top three most wanted language which again proves the point that it isn’t demand it is going to be a hot language it already was in 2018 and will be ongoing 2019 and further besides that go is also a programming language in the top five of the most paid for programming languages.

Good old Java was created over 20 years ago in 1991 by James Gosling and fun facts he’s actually now working at Amazon as a distinguished software engineer Java is a general-purpose programming language and of course all of you have heard of Java a ton of big and small companies still run their software on Java and still continue to develop in their software using Java the key of Java’s popularity is right once and run anywhere Java also is the primary language still for Android applications so if you want to go mobile you can still use Java for that why I’m saying still is because Kotlin actually language developed by the company Jet Brains has been becoming really popular so now a lot of platforms actually do move to Kotlin and that’s part of the reason why I put Java on place number four however despite the fact still a lot of companies do use Java to name a few it’s slack ,uber, lyft, Airbnb .Java is still really popular in every Java application development company in Ahmedabad.