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iOS Apps 2019

This is the year 2019 and I’ve brought you 5 best IOS apps for early 2019. Let us see how the Best mobile app development company are doing. So without any further wait let’s get started.

The first app on our list here is lensa. Lensa is the best photo editor apps for selfies it’s brought to you by the same creators of the popular app Prisma. Lensa is not like any other selfie camera app which adds heavy filters on your photos and makes it looks natural lens, that keeps your look natural. It removes blemishes automatically, it clears the skin and smooth its tone while saving a natural look and texture. You can add accent to your eyes and brows with a single touch. You can blur background use effect and then you can fine-tune the final result with the advanced photo adjustment tool.

Mojo lets you create stunning video stories for your social media apps. You can choose a template, add your media text and customize it to your liking. You can choose from four the templates from many different styles AND all are 100% editable. There are 50 textiles to pick from all of them are beautifully animated and fully adapted to your content you can customize fonts, colour, sizes ,position alignments at the track and the best thing is that you don’t need to create any account. You can buy the pro subscription which will give you access to all the templates and you can create your own template and also export to square format.

Capture uses your phone’s true depth camera system to deeply scan anything you want. You can preview your scan and model environment or place it in augmented reality. You can send your scan to friends by an I-Message, WhatsApp and more all I-Phones will be able to view the scan and place it in augmented reality even if the model does not have a true depth camera.

With next episode you can easily track all your favourite shows and movies and discover new and great ones that you like. You can add your favourite shows and movies and next episode will track them for you. On the recent tab you can see what just aired and what is coming tomorrow and you can also see a calendar view with all the shows or just the one that you like. On what’s next tab you can find shows from my shows for the countdown ordered by when their next episode will be aired.

Done is a simple habit tracker app that helps you to create healthy routines by helping you to set goals tracking your progress, and then motivating you. It allows you to set and track goals on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Unless you set a goal for multiple times a day, not just like most habit apps it has a totally customizable habit display. You can choose what will motivate you. It enables tracking for both building habits and quitting habits and has a fun colour option that lets you customize your list you can group habits into custom categories for easy organization.

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