Java Spring

Spring Features

First released in 2004, Spring is the oldest framework on our list. It is the most popular Java framework is nearly synonymous with Java development in enterprise circles. As it expanded to include a full MVC framework it has continued to adapt to change and is a true full-service framework providing services for security, web services, database integrations, and more. Visit Cybernite Technoligies which is leading spring development company in Ahmedabad.

One of the latest improvements includes Spring Boot, which provides the configuration and tooling necessary to get an application off the ground quickly and easily create stand-alone applications.

The three main spring features that put to rest some of the common coding problems in java are:

1. Access control and Data injection
When you add spring to your application ,it acts as a virtual container which is called the application context and spring manages it . Rather than you managing the initialization of business services, you have spring manage them for you. You can tell spring to create a single or multiple instance of the application. It also connects the objects in your desired way .It takes reference of the dependencies of objects of each class and injects to make sure every class object has the required dependencies available for that instance of the application.

2. Database Connectivity.
Data connectivity is the thing that most of the developers do in java .But the way to work with database in java through JDBC is very unappealing. The spring framework comes with various data access API’s and mechanisms for connecting, querying and transaction management. It allows you to continue to work with JDBC but hides the complexity and makes it easier for you to work with.

3. Web Applications
All right on to the third thing many enterprise applications are web applications they need to either serve up dynamic web pages HTML pages as front-end web applications or they need to expose REST API so that could be consumed by other API’S or by single page applications or any other rich client JavaScript applications to facilitate this Spring Framework comes with the web framework called spring MVC spring MVC lets you easily create web applications and REST API using the same spring application model and dependency injection concepts.
These are the few features of spring explained to you by the leading spring development company in Ahmedabad.