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Customized Web Development

Let us discuss the advantages of customized website over websites made with using CMS approach.

Quicker access: The customized websites are developed with minimalistic amount of code and hence they take up lesser amount of space on the hosting servers, The result of such low space on servers is the stand out loading speed of the website. No one wants to visit a website which takes ages to load.This will only place a negative impact on the visitor.

Custom Features: The liberty of adding features and functionalities at your will is not available when we work with CMS platforms like WordPress and etc.The amount of changes which are to be done to a website need to follow a specific layout which is predefined by the theme developers.It is better to get a customized website designed in order to get the website exactly as you visioned with dedicated features.

Security : Any website which is based on themes is more prone to security breaches when compared to custom designed websites.The reason behind this is that the code of the theme is available to whoever purchases it.It is easy for a hacker to analyze the code of the website and the hacker will have easy access to the weak points in the code section which may provide the hacker an easy breakthrough into the website.

Bug issues: If a theme is newly developed and it does not have many buyers or users it will have many bugs associated within its code segment. The developer has to work and thoroughly understand the coding approach of the theme developer in order to analyse and recover from the coding issues which are creating problem.

We are sure after reading and considering the above points you will surely be interested in getting yourself a customized website developed.To get it done contact Cybernite Technologies which is one of the best Customized Web Development Company In Ahmedabad.